DTun4 is hosted VPN service designed to allow gamers host their game servers without obligation to have public IP or set up port forwarding.


You can use DTun4 for free


Your traffic over public network is secured by AES and RSA encryption.


You don't have to register or create networks. Just run application and invent name which you will share with friends you want to connect to.


DTun4 connects to remote server to establish direct p2p connections. After the process is done, each packet you send appears on every computer in your network.


Using DTun4 you can create Virtual Private Network(VPN). Computers within the same network can see each other like they were connected to your Local Area Network(LAN)

Chat features

Built-in chat allows you to communicate with network members. Even when DTun4 is minimized messages will be read for you with speech synthesizer


Start using DTun4
Make sure if your OS is supported

Windows(32 and 64 version are supported):

  • XP

  • Vista

  • 7

  • 8 and 8.1


Autoupdater will download new version automatically.
Read changelog
Version 4.1:

x32 x64

FAQ & Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions and solution to common problems.

1. How to create a network? Do I have to register it somewhere?

  • No, just invent a name for your network, join it and share with your friends. Network will be created automatically when first member connects. He will also become a leader of network.

2. I don't have public IP, can I use it anyway?

  • Of course, DTun4 is designed for people like you!

3. Okay so I am in a network with a friend. We are both green. What now?

  • Green icon near your friend indicates that you both are successfully connected. Copy his IP(by right clicking on him and selecting 'Copy IP') and connect to it as it was a regular IP.

4. I think something went wrong. One of my friends is red.

  • Sometimes, his(or yours) firewall may block these direct connections. Right click and press 'Request Client-Server Model' if you are a leader. P2P connections will be disabled for this network.

5. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!

  • Try restarting application.

6. Do you log my data?

  • No, when network has a leader, server does not relay any data, thus cannot log it.

7. Do I have to restart my computer after installation?

  • If you are running on 32bits computer, just install WinPCap after installing DTun4.

  • If you are running on 64bits system, install WinPCap then restart computer.

8. Do I really need to run DTun4 as administrator?

  • Yes, it is necessary for updater and interface configurator to work.

9. I have a suggestion/I wanna support project.

10. How long are keys used in DTun4?

  • Server uses 4096bits long RSA key and AES with 256bits long key.

11. How can I host a game?

  • Start DTun4, join a network, tell your friends to join same network, start game, set up server on LAN, tell friends to search for LAN games or enter IP manually.

12. MY FRIENDS CAN'T JOIN !!!!!!111

  • Are you in the same network? Is there a green icon near your friend? Are you specifing correct IP?

13. Why we don't have to register anywhere?

  • Because DTun4 server does not store any data about users. You can use DTun4 without a fear that your data can be logged.

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